Kappaprint SA is a well-known company in the field of silkscreen printing with a wide experience in the production of large format outdoor advertising prints, as well as in specialized printing solutions.

It was established in 2004 with the legal form Kappaprint LTD by Georgios Kallioras and Panagiotis Kavoukis, who, being second-generation silkscreen printers, transferred and developed their knowledge in the company.

The headquarters and productive activities of Kappaprint are located at 36 Gounari Street, in Ag. Ioannis Rentis in a specially designed facility of 1,000m².

To meet the ever-increasing needs of its clientele, Kappaprint is continually investing in state-of-the-art production equipment. The dimensions of the prints produced can reach up to 2.00m X 4.50m, in a vast range of substrates.

From 2015 until today the company continues to develop its activity in the legal form Kappaprint SA.





We claim our client's trust, by offering confidentiality, communicating truths without exaggeration, and arrogance.

We offer competitive prices, means of continuous research, and our awareness of market developments.

We responsibly focus on the reliability of delivery schedules.

We provide high-quality services and products, investing in the most modern equipment, excellent raw materials, and selecting the most suitable partners.

We welcome our customers with enthusiasm and friendliness.

We strongly believe that this philosophy makes our company one of the most competitive printing companies in the field.





Shareholders of Kappaprint SA today are George Kallioras and Panagiotis Kavoukis, second-generation silkscreen printers.

The first, graduated from The School of Business Administration at the University of Macedonia, at Thessaloniki, is the son of the late Ioannis Kallioras, a silkscreen printer since 1966.

The second, Panagiotis Kavoukis with studies at the Department of Graphics and Visual Communication Design at the University of West Attica is the son of the late George Kavoukis, a silkscreen printer since 1962.

Both raised as children in the workshops of their fathers have been actively involved in the profession since 1990.

Since 2004,combining their forces, exchanging experience and knowledge, they have developed Kappaprint.

Today Kapparint is one of the most recognized and successful companies in the silkscreen printing industry.